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Hi there,

Tweaked the power consumption of an ESP32S3 based board coding in ESP-IDF down to 10mA while logging my data stream, which is quite close to the 8mA of my Artemis Thing Plus doing the same job coded with MbedOS.

Just tried programming the Artemis Thing Plus in native AmbiqSuiteSDK V3.0.0 but even running the blinky example consumes 6.8mA which is about 10-times more than the MCU consumes. I wonder if it would be possible to design boards that do not waste as much power as the current design? I mean the benefit of an ULP MCU almost completely gets cancelled out if the board wastes too much and because of that the system ends up consuming less only by a small margin against an ESP32S3 :roll:

So i wonder which of the current Artemis based SFE boards consume the least power and how much a custom board designed for LP should consume that is equipped with an Artemis module, charger, regulator, USB2S converter? Any hints are appreciated as i wonder if it would worth to design a custom board for my purpose.
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