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First, I'm sorry in advance for such a newb question, I promise I'm here to learn and grow and help people in the future.
I've got an Artemis, and it's logging 9dof and GPS, and 2x other sensors like a boss. It was simple and amazing and thank you.
Now that I have all these logs, what do people do with them to visualize the data? I'm coming from a drone-adjacent world where dronee takes data and builds super attractive graphs and geo-location data. I'd like to do something similar, and I don't mind doing the work. I'm just looking for a kick down the road and trying to find some best practices for what people do with the data and how to show kids what we have collected post-mission. Thanks in advance. Feel free to message me offline and delete this if it's too petty of a request.
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By TS-Russell
I wouldn't call my process a 'best' practice lol, but I have enjoyed these platforms so far:

MachineChat - most comprehensive, not free

*free* options (for personal use)
Edge Impulse - really simple, 10-20minutes until you have a working model ... ge-impulse
Kaggle - not simple, but very robust and modular
Roboflow - good for integrating different systems (might be better for later?)

It's mostly up to user preference; you can also check out youtube reviews of different ones and see if any particular one strikes a chord with ya
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