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By LiteFi
Really cool @Robin! This developer made a solar powered LoRaWAN-connected 8-bit microcontroller running at 16mhz with an e-ink display (uses 240uA in active mode), though I figure Artemis would use just over 2x the power at 4x the speed:
Eventually I'd like to make a laptop out of it, and we're looking for researchers: ... erials/146 If we get to the custom PCB stage, we'd definitely reference your methods! Our discord server is here, if any of this interests you: ... server/125 (We have a couple members who are familiar with PCB making) Thanks!
By stephenf
Hi Robin, glad to see your project progressing! You sharing your experience with hand soldering has prompted me to share mine.

Rather than painstakingly applying solder to each pad, it's a lot easier to tin all the pads on both the board and the Artemis with a soldering iron (Ie. run a ball of FRESH solder slowly over them on the end of a soldering iron). Surface tension will dictate a uniform amount and a nice convex curve on all the pads of both board and module. If there's excess flux residue, clean it off both sides (can impact RTC capacitance). I've found there's not much point adding extra flux.

Then position the Artemis on the board and do your reflow (I always use a hot air gun for this bit, so I can adjust position and poke at the Artemis module). It's a bit harder to get the Artemis module to stay in position but not a huge deal. Most reliable method I've found, super easy, and no smudging from shakey hands!
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By robin_hodgson
I would love to see a youtube video of your process. It sounds like a really, really good way to do it.
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