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I want to build a GPS data logger and am looking at the KIT-24056 Sparkfun DataLogger Iot GPS Kit ($99.95).
I want to input a meter via its USB-A that typically connects to a PC (where I read the values), but I want to route it into the Sparkfun DataLogger so it can stamp a GPS on it and save to the SD card.

Id like to do with with a QWIIC adapter board.
Is there a QWIIC board that accepts a USB-A input that I can then attach to the Sparkfun DataLogger + GPS.

I have scoured the Site but have not found this.

No :-( We started adding qwiic connectors around the same time that we swapped to using usb-c (there are a few exceptions, but those use micro usb & qwiic...not usb-a)

We do have an adapter so you could use any usb-c boards

Or you could combo a mix of these
After looking more: I don't see anything that mentions logging data from the usb port ... ial-output (using usb as serial INput)...
...but you could likely make some adjustments to the firmware ... r/releases

It might be simpler to use something like and have it pass the data over to the PTH pins on the datalogger instead
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