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Hello SparkFun Community,

I recently acquired a SparkFun Artemis Module (WRL-15484) and I'm seeking some advice on programming it with the exposed pins, then soldering it onto another module. I've read through the documentation but I'm looking for a bit more guidance on the best practices for this process.

Here's what I'm trying to achieve:

I need to program the Artemis module before soldering it onto another board. I understand that I may need a programming jig or adapter to connect to the exposed pads. What would be the best approach to create such an adapter, and could you suggest the necessary connections for programming via SWD or UART?

What tests should I perform on the Artemis module after programming and before soldering it to the other board to ensure it's functioning correctly?

Any advice or resources you could provide would be immensely helpful. I'm looking to establish a reliable method for programming these modules as part of a larger project.

Thank you in advance for your help!
For a first jig you can drill some holes into something (PCB, acrylic, etc) and use some POGO pins in the drilled holes that line up with a clamp on an artemis module. Layout/measurements here ... _Guide.pdf
Here is info for programming (note we use a ch340 controller on ours) ... rogramming

You could also design something with m.2 connector and prototype with these 2 instead &
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