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By hanzichi
I have attached a RN-42 to the OLA board on the RX/TX pins and power it with the 3V3 pin. If I connect via the USB COM port, it successfully initiates a session (spits out the below and continues to spew data). I can then also connect through the bluetooth COM port and through that terminal can also view the data output, and initiate commands. So, the bluetooth connection is working in both directions. But, if I only connect over the bluetooth COM (without first connecting over USB), it never initiates the output. Is there a special port setting or something that I need to or something else I'm missing. I've been using mobaxterm but have also tried putty. Thanks!

SD init failed (second attempt). Is card present? Formatted?
Please ensure the SD card is formatted correctly using
Config file read failed: SD offline
Artemis OpenLog v2.4
SD card offline
Datalogging offline
Serial logging offline
IMU online
Identifying Qwiic Muxes...
Identifying Qwiic Devices...
No Qwiic devices detected
Content-Type: text/csv

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By hanzichi
I am powering the Artemis board with USB-C and have the RN-42 connected to the 3v3 pin.

The SD card behavior is fidgety too. Sometimes with no SD card, it only gets to line 3 of the debug print out and just hangs there. Other times it spits out as I had pasted before, where it streams data. I would assume it would proceed with or without an SD card, and I believe I read that is the expected behavior.

With the SD card in, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Often it induces a few characters of garbage on the terminal output.

As of now, I can't get it to output anything other than the first 3 lines (up to 'Config file read failed: SD offline'), when the SD card is out. With the SD card in, nothing happens. I have tried two different SD card brands/sizes, and reloaded the firware (OpenLog_Artemis-V10-v24.bin).
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By hanzichi
I tried that firmware but no changes. I did upload bootloader, and that seems to factory reset the whole thing, whereas uploading new firmware does not. The bluetooth now seems to work without having to connect over USB first. One thing I've found out is that connecting over USB forces a reboot which may be a clue to what setting I accidentally changed. Anyways, I'm working for now, and now know how to reset the board to a known state (well, I think I do).
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By hanzichi
OK, so I just noticed that if I power via USB (this is the only power source I've used so far), it doesn't seem to boot. To be more specific, when I plug it in to USB (but don't connect serial), there is no led action (actually a very quick yellow light, but otherwise everything dead), whereas if I hit reset, I get a held blue, and then standard processor/tx/pwr blinkies. I noticed connecting over COM forces a boot. So I guess my problem was that I was not getting to booting by just powering it. Is there a setting to force booting (or maybe it's forcing waking or initiating tx out). Thanks for all the replies!
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By hanzichi
I got a battery and adapted to the power connector and the behavior now is to consistently go through the 'boot' sequence; and I can consistently get bluetooth from there. Powering from battery is my end goal, so I'll call it good. With USB power, I just need to remember to hit reset to get it running.
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