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Hi All,

Can the OpenLog Artemis (Red) be configured to log data from any I2C Sensors? or is it strictly compatible with the sensors listed on the website? If it is possible to configure OpenLog Artemis with other sensors, what would be involved?

I am building a remote datalogger and will be using a the following sensor to measure hydrostatic pressure ( ... sor-r1-rp/) .

Kind regards

Hi Paul,

Thanks for you prompt reply, much appreciated. That is great news. This platform look very good for my application as I am required to collect a wide range of data. It would be great to change and adjust sensors as my project is set to evolve.

Can I clarify/confirm a few things:
1) the firmware for the OpenLog Artemis is a series of .ino sketches that can be modified and uploaded to the board.
2) Sensors can added and remove by adjusting the sketches accordingly and uploading.
3) The format (i.e. sample rate and selection) of data that is saved to the SD card and displayed to the serial port be adjusted to my needs. I require a consistent sample rate for 30 minute intervals. (This is important for post processing the data).
4) Does the IMU require calibration similar to other IMUs like the BNO005?

The sensor you have attached is interesting (along with the SparkFun GPS-RTK2 Board - ZED-F9P) and will fit into the project perfectly. Albeit I will still need to include the original pressure sensor as it is waterproof and designed the measure the depth of remotely operated submersible vehicles (ROVs).

Thanks again

1) It's more of a 'collection' of sketches. OpenLog_Artemis_ino is the main one, the others are included automatically.
2) You can add new sensors to the firmware by following the checklist. I'm not sure why you would want to remove any? The OLA detects which sensors are connected and adjusts accordingly.
3) Yes, the sample rate and selection of which parameters are logged can be adjusted. Yes, you can choose to open a new log file every 30 minutes too.
4) It works well without calibration, but, yes, there is a calibration procedure that could be added to the firmware - if required. That would be an upgrade though.
Best wishes,
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