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By pyTronix
Regarding your Apollo3 based modules:

a) Can ToF sensor be implemented with this family of modules?

b) Can BLE be deactivate to reduce power outside of the processor?

c) Can I code in Python or MicroPython for your Artemis modules?

To test a ToF sensor, from the point if view of energy consumption, what is the more efficient processor that will support this sensors? This processor will be dedicate only to measure distance, and activate a secondary processor in charge of the rest of the functionalities of the system.
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By El_Duderino
Hi pyTronix,

In order to answer your first question I would need you to specify which ToF sensor you would be using with the Artemis to answer as there are a lot of those sensors available. The only two I know we have verified work with the Apollo3 Arduino Core are the VL53L1X Qwiic Breakout and the RFD77402 Qwiic Breakout. We have tested our Arduino library for both of those with the Apollo3 Arduino core and neither have any issues.

As for disabling the BLE module, you can absolutely do that. Deep sleep mode would be the easiest way if you have an option to wake the module up. For more information about that, I would highly recommend reading through our Artemis Integration Guide as well as our Designing with the SparkFun Artemis Guide.

Lastly, as of this writing we do not have support for Python or MicroPython with the Artemis module. The only two dev environments we currently support are the Arduino Apollo3 Core and the AmbiqSuite SDK. We have a short guide for getting started with the Ambiq SDK here but the Getting Started Guide I linked above will be a more complete set of istructions on using the Ambiq SDK.
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In order to do deep sleep we need the Apollo chip to have B0 hardware. And we have no idea if we do have the new updated B0 hardware. Sparkfun is more than a little silent on this detail for some reason.

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