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By robin_hodgson
Sorry if this is a duplicate: I thought I posted the question last week, but I don't see it, so here goes again:

The Artemis integration guide shows a suggested circuit for the bootloader reset circuit. The issue is that the part values on the actual boards do not match the schematic for the DTR/BOOT circuit. Schematic shows R17 as "DNP" (do not populate?), but my board has a 10K. C21 on the schematic is 0.1uF cap, but the board has a 2.2uF cap. R15 is on the schematic as 220K, but the Sparkfun board has a 100K.

So which is right? What component values should be we using? I'm presuming we should use what the boards shipped with, but I figured I would ask.

I tried to upload an attachment of the Artemis schematic, but it is not working right now.
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By El_Duderino
Hi Robin,

I replied to your post from last week here about this issue. The short answer is that reset/boot circuit was revised from the SparkX BlackBoard version for better performance during upload.
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