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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By MontanaTrout

I had a problem upload Python into GM862 using rsterm, an error pop up "file not uploaded, No prompt found".

Here is the steps:

Selected a Python file and click upload btn.
A window pop up "Set baud to 11520 and Flow control to Hardware"

goto init tab:

select baud to 11520
select flow control to "hardware"

goto Python tab
click uploaded btn

RSterm handing up and timeout with the message "file not uploaded, no prompt"

What that means? Any thought?

By DannyDJ
Hi! I have the same problem with RSTerm for downloading python script. I know only that for hardware flow control you have to use pins RTS and CTS.
By fireball003
It seems you missed selecting the python file you want to downlaod in the module. After you go to python tab see blue link "Working folder, click to change" .Click on it and select the folder where your python script is saved.

Now you can see the python scripts in the "Files in PC folder" area. Select your desired python script and then press "Upload selected files from PC to module" button.

Once the pyhton script is successfully downloaded into the module it will show you done message. Then to execute the script press the button "AT#EXECSCR".

That's it.
By DannyDJ
Hi! Try to upload python script with Hyperterminal. I've managed to uploaded even without hardware flow control. :) Set up connection 115200,8,n,1,Flow control: none. Set connection properties for ASCII setup: "Append lined feeds"..., then "Echo ..., and the third setting also has to be checked. Then just write after AT OK, AT#WSCRIPT="",(sife of"), wait for ">>>" and click on send file -> send text file, choose your script and if script has been downloaded successfull you should get "OK" response at the end.