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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By MontanaTrout
Help! Help! Help!

I got the GM862+GPS RS232 evl borad from SparkFun. I set up everything based on Doc. I download rsterm software. I power up the board and press the start btn, green light flash. I start rsterm set up flowcontrol to none and baudrate to 9600. port to com3. I use AotoDetect to test port. I got the following message "Modem(s) found on com3 unknown". I send AT got OK back. I sent AT+IPR=9600 got OK back. I sent AT+CMEE=2 got ERROR back and almost every other AT command has ERROR back.

I don't remeber what else I need check, Please help me!

By kenshin
If you are using Rsterm autodetect and the Rsterm manage to detect your hardware meaning that is no problem with the connection.U better check what is the error code so that u can solve it.Is it CME error or CMS error what some other error?check out the AT command error list to solve this.