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By patdas
I have glanced at the multisocket pdf for telit hardware. Right now I want to use one socket to send UDP data to my server. The only way I can suspend(in this case close, which is fine) this is to let the socket inactivity timeout go into effect. I can configure this with AT#SCFG. There is also mention that you can suspend the socket with an escape sequence.

My question is then, if the device is running independently, how can I implement this escape sequence to do a socket suspend. Right now when I have the hyperterminal up, I can input the escape sequence to pause. This however will not be an option when the device is independent. I dont want to rely on socket inactivity timeouts to close this. Is there a way to do an MDM.send to suspend this? I cannot think of a method to do this, as right now when I make the AT#SD connection, all MDM.send calls send that data to my server.

By jasonharper
The escape sequence should work exactly the same regardless of where the data is coming from.

Note that a 1 second pause is normally required before and after the "+++", which means that it would take you just over 2 seconds to close your socket. You can reduce the length of the pause via ATS12=, however this runs the risk of accidental disconnection due to occurrences of the escape character in your data. If there is some other character that you are absolutely sure will never appear in your actual data, you can specify that as your escape character via ATS2=, and set the pause length to its minimum value.
By patdas
Thank you for the help again! I assumed the MDM.send was only sending the data to my server. After testing this, the socket did indeed go into a suspend state.
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