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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By shocktech

i am currently working on GPS taxi tracking system for my EE senior project! and i was wondering if someone knows about new telit cc864 cdma module! the scope of project requires us to use CDMA. i know it would be much simeple and a snap if we stick with GM862 GSM unit with my sim card.

well! to briefly explain our project, it has 2 basic units. one being the base station and the other is taxi unit. the base station is connected to a pc using USB conneciton by utilizing PIC18F4550 USB pic, and a cellular unit. it basically sends polling signal requesting GPS coordiate info of a taxi then the info will be transferred using CDMA SMS. well! the bottom line is that we want to create a system that tracks multiple taxi units and display their coordiates using google earth.

so far, we didn't have any problem but the only thing is that we couldn't find any retailer who sells telit cc864 cdma units, which is our main core system. i know it's a fairly new product and i bet it requires some sort of activation through wireless provider.

please help me!
By maokh
Does it have to be CDMA? Activation of non-carrier sold devices on CDMA networks is nearly impossible. Verizon does claim to eventually open up their network in some way given some minimum requirements. No word yet though on what that even means.

Prepaid GSM is probably the perfect solution for these types of projects.