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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By gpatters

I recently received the "GeoChron - Field-hardened GPS Logger". It works as expected with one exception.

When only recording RMC sentence (Mode 1) the line endings in the log file are messed up. They are only contain a CR character (0D in hex) when they should be a CR+LF (assuming you want dos format). When I change the glogcon.txt file to record both RMC and GGA, all of the lines on the log files have the proper line endings (CR+LF).

Below is the configuration that causes the problem on my unit:

Mode = 1
Log What = RMC
Time Between Logs = 00:01:00
Holdoff = 10
WAAS = 1

This is repeatable.

Has anyone else seen this?

Best Regards,

- Gerry
By gpatters
I am replying to myself here. Is it possible to upgrade the firmware on this? I am guessing this product is composed of the GPS Logger v2.4 Kit which is composed of the GPS Logger v2.4.

The page for the GPS Logger provides a link to the firmware for that unit. Looking at the datasheet it appears to be the same unit.

Has anyone here tried this? Is it possible I have a unit with older firmware?


- Gerry
By moseby
I just received my GeoChon and have seen similar behavior, and other anomalies.

I posted my findings at
viewtopic.php?t=10077&highlight=geochron .

Do you see get multiple log files with your mode 1 config?
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