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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By dmnamibia
Could you please make the decompressing routines available in Windows executable format
Could you also include a filter in the new release that will detect no movement for say 5 minutes and then only start recording (SD) once movement takes place again. (Save on battery life when filling up the tank)
By mg
Sure, will add to list. I'm a bit snowed under with work so it may be a while.

For the decompress, I provide the source code, so as an intermediate solution, you could use cygwin to compile it as a command line utility.

For the no-movement, the only complication is that the signal dithers in low-order bits because of SA, so even when you are physically stationary, you still get a signal that is moving, and I'm not sure how easy it is to determine that you are stationary or you are moving.

In the second case, you could use CSV output with binary encoding, which uses differential encoding, so when the co-ordinates have a low change rate, you get higher data compression and lower card writes - the user guide has some analysis of the data volumes and write cycles. This output format is extremely compact, and if you use 24K SRAM buffering, your card writes become trivial.