SKU#: GPS-08334 - Data Corruption Problems

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SKU#: GPS-08334 - Data Corruption Problems

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We have been trying to use the GPS-08334 with the EB-85A. It sort of works but we are getting a large amount of UART framing errors, checksum errors. etc.

When we use the EB-85A with the PRT-00449 shifter everything works fine. No errors at all. When we switch back to the GPS-08334 the errors return. We have the RS232/USB switch set to RS323, the power switch is on, the Int/Ext switch has been tried in both Int and Ext positions. In one position we can write to the EB-85A in the other we cannot. We are using a external 5V power supply.

Using the GPS-08334 the error rate is about 1/3rd of the GPS strings are corrupt.

I have 2 of the GPS-08334 and 2 EB-85A's this problem shows up with all combinations of these two devices.


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