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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
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By leon_heller
Have a look at the AT commands for the unit. You will find the document on the Telit web site.

By deelip_prusty


I manage to do in way but got some problem. would u help me on this issue.Also i have put that issue in a other thread..

I have followed below the mentioned steps to communicate with web service . When i have connect the module in my PC ,got a COM3 port .Started proceeding with desired steps but had got a problem that the module is turned off( status green light not blinking) .

If i disconnected the antenna ,it proceeds up to the steps ,have proceeded,but whenever i am connecting the antenna with that module the status light (green light) stops blinking after 7-8 times it blinked and after that not able to write in the hyperterminal.

Steps Followed----

--> After putting a valid SIM card with GPRS enable in the Telit Module.

1. Hyper Terminal Setting:--

-> Open the Hyperterminal .Set a name and an icon for the connection.

->. Then in Connect to dialog box, choose the COM3 port which is come after connecting the EVK V3 module with the PC.

->Set in the Properties dialog box

Bits per second field = 9600
Data bits=8
Stop bit=1.
Flow control =Hardware .

->Then in Main Window of the Hyper terminal File->Properties menu, set the ASCII Setup as Echo typed locally.

2.EVK V3 Module Setting:--

Power On the Switch. Status light starts blinking.

3.AT COMMANDS TYPE in Hyperterminal:-


Return: OK


Return: REDDY


Return: OK

3.AT#USERID="Easy GPRS"<cr>

Return: OK


Return: OK


Return: OK


Return: OK


Return: OK


Return: OK


By deelip_prusty
hi all...

i solved this problem.. Actually it needs external power which i have supplied +5v Dc ,1amp current.

Now its working fine.The main thing is that when we are connecting a antenna to the module its needs more power because antenna has some resistance, for which voltage drop occurs. By providing some external power it overcame.

hope this will helpful for others.