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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By mg
I've been working with the GPS Logger for a while, it's great, just two suggestions for any future hardware revisions:

1. Lead out a couple of spare LPC pins to terminals on the board: this would allow a bit more experimentation and prototyping by using those pins as additional inputs, whether for data, a switch, sensors, etc.

2. On V2.4, the on/off switch is a little too cramped near the EM and the power connector: even my small fingers need to use a pen top to flick the switch.

That's all from me :-)

Anyone else want to chip in?
By dmnamibia
I like the version 1 module and would suggest the same ie Get both Rs232 ports working. This gives us options in Trimble mode.
A dip switch to record a waypoint would be nice.
A battery charger via USB combo pack - with the new batteries.