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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By AlexF

I would like to connect my GM862-GPS module to the LPC2106 breakout from SFE, using serial communication (sounds like the only option available).

According to documentation, GM862-GPS has 2 serial ports :
- MODEM SERIAL PORT : used to communicate with PC, sending AT commands or loading Python code

How and where to connect my LPC2106? I would need a third serial port for that!

What do you think about using a GPIO (output) to select either the connection to my computer or the connection to the LPC?

Thank you all for all the help you might be able to provide!
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By leon_heller
You could use a software UART for the additional connection.

By AlexF
Thank you for your answer.

You're thinking of a software UART, using the GPIOs?

I thought about building a software UART using the GPIOs, but I have no idea of the complexity and Python knowledge it might require...

Anybody have any experience with that?
By gm
What functionality is the LPC2106 going to provide?

By AlexF
I'm using a LPC2106 to connect and drive several peripherals. My project is to build a cellphone accessible to disabled people. For that, I'll be using a bright display and a large keypad, both connected to the LPC2106. This is a school project (for my master in electrical engineering), so I will only add a display and a keyboard. But we need to be able to add other peripherals (for someone else's master probably), which means that I won't have enough GM862-GPS GPIOs. So we're using the LPC2106, its 2 UARTs, its SPI and I²C interfaces.

Do you have a better idea of the functionnalities the LPC2106 will probide? I want to apologize for my English, which is not my first language.
By gm
It sounds like the LPC2106 will be providing the interface between the user and the GM862 module and as such it will need to send commands to the module. As I see it, you would use one of the UARTs on the LPC2106 and connect it to the modem serial port on the GM862. To download code you could either send it through the LPC2106 or you could design your hardware so that you could have direct access to the GM862 from a separate serial interface. But it seems to me that this would be unnecessary as you most likely would not be running a Python script on the GM862 since the LPC2106 is going to be controlling the module.

Sounds like you need to give the design some more thought as to exactly which component is going to do what.

Best regards,

By AlexF
Actually, my idea was the opposite. I was thinking I could use a Python script to send commands from the GM862 to the LPC2106, via a serial port. The LPC2106 will indeed provide the interface with the user and the GM862 module.

This is the reason why I need 3 serial interfaces on the GM862-GPS module :
- Running the GPS
- Loading Python script
- Sending and receiving information to the LPC2106

I am thinking about the design now, nothing is definitive!!
Thank you for your answers.


[edit] will probably help you understand what I want to build.
By gm
You could import the SPI or IIC module in your Python script and use one of those busses to communicate with your LPC2106.

By AlexF
I'll try and find documentation on that. Thank you!
By AlexF
I already have that one, thank you!
By zoltan
I'm a beginner with the Telit modules (GM862-GPS using the EZ10-PCS) and Python scripting. I wrote a small script that should send "test" to the serial port (ASC0).
Code: Select all
import SER 
import MDM 
import MOD 
import GPIO 

I'm using the main serial port to download scripts to the module; after it is downloaded I use the MDM lib to set the DTR to '0'
<res = MDM.setDTR(0)>. I tested the <res = MDM.setDTR(0)> command with other scripts and it works. The module should run the script with the next reboot. I then run HyperTerminal and reboot it with the AT#REBOOT command, It reboots but HyperTerminal is not receiving "test".

I really hope you have some advice.
By dpat12
i am also having same problem could not get any response on COM1 hyperterminal/Rterm .

i have also used SER to send somethig to ASC0 i.e physically connected to COM1 hope i am right in that case one should get response buy unfortunately getting nothing on screen

can anyone help me with this problem

i am using GM-862-GPS EVK v3 RS232 kit
By zoltan
Hello dpat12

I resolved the problem I had with the SER command not getting through to Hyper Terminal.

My solution was very simple :)

Just make sure your "GM862-GPS using the EZ10-PCS" or "GM-862-GPS EVK v3 RS232 kit" are unplugged from you PC's com port when you boot it up, otherwise it will go into AT command mode and will not run you Python script.

After you are sure the module booted up and the script is running plug it into the com port and refresh your HT.

Hope that does the trick, feel free to ask if this did not do the trick.
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