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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By gjcamacho
Hello everybody,

I have a GM862-GPS and a GM862 EVK V3 USB.

Is it possible (in the design of the EVK) to power the EVK externally but connecting via USB to the module without burning anything? I mean, communicate with the module using the onboard USB circuit but having it powered on using the onboard barrel jack. Is that possible without burning something?

Thanks in Advance
By sund
Yep, that's what we're doing. If you look at the schematics you'll find the diode there to allow you to do just that.
By gjcamacho
Indeed. But I was just being precautious. My understanding of electronics is not that much. I assumed it could be done. I was just making sure it could. thanks!!
By mtbbiker
Just make sure its a DC power supply (I accidentally connected a AC power supply and popped the 10uF Capacitor (C7))
By maokh
I would not suggest anyone try to use this device powered by USB alone. There is simply not enough current supplied to handle the peaks this device likes to pull...even with the 100uF cap on the + of the power supply.