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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By eBrain
I am s/w developer myself but don't have time to learn python and write scripts (to run on Telit GM862-GPS modem).

I am willing to pay for scripts; please contact me if you have written scripts to send latGPS data to a server via SMS (I'll take care of server side).

Also include any additional features you can include (like remote unit control via AT commands, etc).

By eBrain
There is a typo in original post; I did not mean only lat/long but all GPS data should be pulled from GM286 and sent to server (which will be a ph no every units will be sending data to - I'll have a modem to receive data). Thanks!
By peterc
I would also be interested to know where I can find such scripts
By Court-Jester
i would be intrested in those scripts as well if any one has them please...
By velocet
Please contact me via email for custom scripts.

Check profile.