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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By majbthrd
In the Specification table of the EB-85A datasheet, "Mounting" is indicated as being "Soldering".

However, the pictures don't seem to show solder tabs and there is no footprint indicated in either the datasheet or the user manual.

There are no apparent mounting holes either.

Perhaps there is a right angle connector that might fit into the 8-pin connector, but that would only secure the part from one edge; it wouldn't seem to be a mechanically sound solution.

So, how would one securely fasten the EB-85A into a product?
By Krogoth
I've also been thinking about this. I would guess you could simply mount it with some sort of adhesive or foam adhesive, although the right angle header sounds like a good idea. Has anyone found any sources for one (or whether it exists or not)?
By NukWaste
I was concerned about the orientation of the antenna in relation to the curcuit board itself. Antenna Up or down? It would seem that it should be mounted up but, the chip doesn't have any obvious method to do this.