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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By Hummer
So I received a new Lassen iQ Evaluation kit today and plug it into my laptop with iQ_Monitor. Initially it worked just fine, all the data from the satellites was being displayed. But after modifying some of the software settings, it quit displaying the satellite data and continued displaying everything else such as LAT & LONG.

I know it's getting actual satellite signals because it will display what satellites it's tacking in the 'SV Selection List' of the Tracking Status window if I select it to be displayed from the main menu.

I've disconnected the board from my USB several times, I've closed and reopened the iQ_Monitor software numerous times and nothing brings back the satellite data.

Any ideas?
By Hummer
I just kept fooling around with the I/O settings and finally found a combination that works.