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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By mg
rrdiaz30 wrote:Could the firmware for the GPS Datalogger v2.4 be modified to allow direct ouput to KML as in the Lassen iQ FAT16 Datalogger? Please!
You could simply use an external tool to convert the raw NMEA sentences (either GGA or RMC) to KML, e.g. gpsconv (

Alternatively, I'll be supporting V2.4 hardware in the next release of my alternative firmware ( [although, I won't be supporting some of the V2.4 firmware features, e.g. hold-off time]. I've already got my firmware running on V2.4, just a matter of testing and polishing.

Next release expected within 4-6 weeks. Progress reported at
By Pete-O
Wow! Look at that action! I'm going to quit qwriting firmware for this thing and let you do it.

OK, not really. That's what I get paid for, so I guess I ought to keep doing it. But I want to tell you how gratified I am that some one is doing this sort of thing. Very cool.

Also, FWIW, we've got new firmware out. We're now WAAS enabled.