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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By shaggy
Hi All
I read somewhere that someone in this community had created their own LoJack system by combining a cell module with GPS. Can anyone point me to that? or failing that, give me some pointers as to what I need? I want to put it into a bicycle so a power pack of some kind is necessary. I have no experience with delicate soldering so maybe a good (and cheap) practice project would be an idea too. I find it irritating that the technology exists to create and use such a system for little outlay and running costs but the commercial systems are pushing the prices as hard as they can. I envisage simply calling up the phone when stolen and having it respond with co-ordinates?
I cant find a cell phone provider up here in Canada that can supply a set-up that I consider affordable for using the built in systems that come with newer phones.
By zed
I would like to see this too.

A GPS module joined onto a small GSM cell-phone module, which I can hide in the lining of my camera bag or luggage, or any other valuable item.

You would query the cell number e.g. by calling it then hanging up, and the module would respond with the GPS coordinates by SMS.

The GE863 Module might be a good starting point.