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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By compiler
i have an EM406 module and want to communicate it with pic16F877. In all topics related to EM406; i read about Sirfdemo and connecting the module to a PC. What i want to do is, to programme gps module over my microcontroller and take the data from the module. Then i will print this data on an LCD. How can this be possible? What i know is i have to use sirf binary protocol. My module uses NMEA-0183 protocol. I want to prepare the software in C.Can anyone help me?
By carterson2
We have done exactly that at http://www.gpscruise.wikispaces.com

We use Em406, MMC and MMCholder from sparkfun and sbc44b from modtronix. The sbc44b has an LCD, buttons, RS232, buzzer all for <$100.

Take a look. Lots of helpful guys there and here.....