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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By compiler
i have an EM406 module and want to communicate it with pic16F877. In all topics related to EM406; i read about Sirfdemo and connecting the module to a PC. What i want to do is, to programme gps module over my microcontroller and take the data from the module. Then i will print this data on an LCD. How can this be possible? What i know is i have to use sirf binary protocol. My module uses NMEA-0183 protocol. I want to prepare the software in C.Can anyone help me?
By carterson2
We have done exactly that at

We use Em406, MMC and MMCholder from sparkfun and sbc44b from modtronix. The sbc44b has an LCD, buttons, RS232, buzzer all for <$100.

Take a look. Lots of helpful guys there and here.....