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By sapphire327
I just got the GPS Logger v2.4 (GPS-08237) but I am having trouble getting it to read my SD card. I formatted a 512 card as FAT 16 in windows and also in os x, but the logger still blinks red. I also tried with a 1gb card (different brand), and still no luck. Any thoughts? Thanks.
By a_green_gecko
Under OS X, I was able to reformat a 2GB SD card for use on
the GPS Logger v2.4 using the following:

- Insert card into usb reader
- Run Disk Utilities.
- Partition the disk into 1 partition, MS-DOS File System.
My disk was rdisk2, so the first partition was rdisk2s1
- Unmount the volume (not the disk)
- Reformat the new partition under FAT 16:
newfs_msdos -v CARD -F 16 /dev/rdisk2s1

Good luck, just make sure format the correct disk!
By busonerd
Just wanted to note - you NEED a partition table - not just a raw disk formatted with the filesystem.

The second poster did it perfectly correctly. Windows sometimes does not - it doesn't create the partition table, just formats the whole block disk as the FS.

--David Carne