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By mikebres
Note: This is also posted in the Spark Fun Site Questions/Comments forum. I wasn't getting any answers there so now I trying this location. :)

I'm just starting with the Data Logger. It seems to work fine with the default settings.
So, now I'm working through the instructions and it says I can set the messages it will log by setting the Mode to 1 in the in the GLOGCON.TXT file on the SD card. So I set the following configuration where I only changed the mode from 0 to 1 everything else is default:
Mode = 1
Log What = RMC;GGA;GSA
Time Between Logs = 00:10:00
Holdoff = 5

now I get a solid blue LED on the logger board and nothing is logged.

Anybody know what I am doing wrong?

By christophlorenz

I have the same problem with the Logger. It seems it is not specific to a singel board.

Hope we get an answer from Sparkfun!

Regards Christoph
By Pete-O
Hi Guys...

I just happened to be browsing around here when I came upon your thread. The Blue LED is going to stay on while it waits for the EM-406 to get a lock. You'll know when that happens because the red LED on the EM-406 will start blinking. Does that help?