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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By Leddy
Hi people, I'm currently doing a university project. I would like to build a device that sends out it's current gps location via sms to a designated cell phone number. So far I think GM862-GPS module looks like the most promising piece of component I can use. I've been searching around the internet the past couple of day for more info on how i can go about building this device. Can anyone here with any idea give me some advice. Deeply appreciated it.
By velocet
You can use this the send the sms, you just need to format you GPS sentence then call the function to send your sms.

def SendSMS(phone_number,sms_text):

print 'made it to def'
res = MDM.send('AT+CMGS='+ phone_number + '\r',5)
while n < 20:
if res.find(">") >-1:
print n
n = n +1

res = MDM.send(sms_text, 10)
if res != -1:
print 'Text sent ok'

res = MDM.sendbyte(0x1a,10)
while n < 20:
if res.find("+CMGS") >-1:
print n
if res.find("ERROR")>-1:
print 'sms ok'
print 'not good'
n = n +1

print 'def completed *******************'

indented version can be found here just copy and paste.

Hope it helps.
By peterc
How easy is it to turn one of these into a small tracking device - what else is required?
By Krogoth
Read the datasheet posted above.

At the minimum, a GPS patch antenna, a GSM antenna and a battery of some sort.
By Court-Jester
now is there a way to do that but via GPRS? if anyone can help please?
By velocet
If you read the 'Easy GPRS' doc at

you can also search their forum for the information you require, if you post on their forum you need a customer number before you get help but you should find everything you need without having to ask.

I have my new devices turning up on Tuesday, I will post a pic when they arrive.
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