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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By landon
I'm trying to connect an EM408 to a microcontroller and the only connectors I know of are these: ... ts_id=8288

I don't really have a surface mount base I'm putting this on, I really just need a housing that I can use to extend and mate the cable to some larger pins. I tried unsuccessfully to solder some wire-wrap (very small diameter) wire to these tiny pins using a very sharp tip soldering iron, but while I've done a lot of soldering, this is just too small for my skills since it's intended for surface mount.

So, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a housing like this but something that can be more easily worked with. I have the breakout board for this device, but it's too large for what I'm trying to do - I don't need all the functionality the breakout gives, either.

Thanks for any pointers to connectors for this that are easier to work with.
By jasonharper
There does not appear to be any non-SMT version of that socket. The best you could do at that end is make your own little surface-mount breakout board.

It appears that the cable is detachable at the GPS module end, too - and matching crimp-type plugs are available (JST SH series, Digi-Key part # 455-1380, according to the module data sheet). However, you'd spend over $7 just for the pins (minimum order 100), and the proper crimp tool costs over $700!

I think the easiest thing to do for a one-off project would be to cut off one end of the supplied cable and strip the wire ends.
By landon
Thanks, I was coming to exactly the same conclusion. I can't buy these cables separately for the Sirf III with the external mmcx (408) though I can for the one without the xternal antenna (406). In any case, since the 408 comes with the interface cable, if I cut it I will end up with 2 pigtails that work per GPS purchased (both ends are the same.)

What's more is that the SMD housing connector costs as much as the 406's interface cable. If I could get a 408 cable separately, that'd be great, but SFE isn't offering it for some reason.

I've already destroyed 2 smd housing connectors trying to solder them - it's really hopeless. I'll cut the cable that came with it and move on.

Thanks again,

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