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By mg

I'm pleased to make available an alternative firmware for the "Lassen iQ FAT16 Datalogger". This is an entirely new firmware design and implementation, not based upon the existing firmware. It's been under development since last year, with sporadic attention due to other priorities, but finally I've been able to polish it into a first release. I hope you're pleased with the features, and see value in future releases.

Lots of attention has been given to power efficiency and code assurance. There are file, fat and directory sector caches in the FAT16 filesystem module, along with a configurable (max 24K) SRAM file cache. Output can be in raw, kml or csv formats, with configurable csv fields and optional binary encoding. With csv mode, using kml fields (lat, lon, alt) you would only need 10 bytes per output record, and with a 24K SRAM buffer, could reduce SD card writes to once every 40 minutes - in between which the card remains in low power mode, and the SPI peripheral block is powered down. Code assurance is achieved by built in unit tests, high levels of assertions and lint verification, a FreeBSD based emulation mode, etc.

I hope you find it interesting, and if it works for you (or doesn't!), your feedback will be appreciated. I'm capable of making further incremental releases over the next few weeks to address bugs and minor feature requests, and beyond that I plan to make more substantial changes and a release by mid year - depending upon other priorities.

Please note that due to the compiler license, and my own decision, the firmware is available for personal and non-commercial use only. In addition, currently the release is binary only: I have yet to decide how and by what means and license to make the source code available.


The release package (firmware, userguide, etc) is here (400kb):

http://tanundra.com/downloads/personal/ ... g-0.91.zip

The release userguide (same as in the zip file) is here (90kb):

http://tanundra.com/downloads/personal/ ... g-0.91.pdf
By maureran
How can I get into your blog to "write" ?

By mg
You should be able to write comments by signing up for a Google Account.

I've disabled "anonymous comments" because I believe they lead to spam, and I've also disabled "moderation" so that feedback is more immediate.

You can't write articles of course, that's reserved only for the author (myself).