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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By eugehet
Hi, i uploaded a script:

import MDM
import MOD
import SER
import sys

class SerWriter:
def write(self,s):
sys.stdout = sys.stderr = SerWriter()

print 'Hello world!'

while 1:

Now i can't upload anymore python files and the whenever i open the comm port in RSterm application i keep seeing "Running" displaying non-stop from the screen. How do i disabled it and recover my module?
I have restarted the module but it didn't help.
By dpat12
as soom as you switch o nthe module

open rstrem oprt and then immediately type


the above command will load origional setting and then you can wrok with rstream

what's happening is that script is loading automaticaly up on restart so that you are in running mode and you can not do any thing

I have spent approx 4 days to figure it out!!
By eugehet
it appears that i do not have enough time to type :AT&Y0
as soon as i open the port the screen keep displaying "running".

How did u managed to overcome that?
Btw i'm using GM862-GPS(RS-EB-S3).
By dpat12
you must have set at#startmodescr less then 10 sec

try this

switch off power to board

open rstream open port
type AT&Y0
now power up board
hit enter immediately
and again try to type the same thing two to three times it should work

e-mail me on
By wiml
the Telit docs say
The script will be executed at start-up only if the DTR line is found LOW during initial start-up (that is: COM is not open on a PC), otherwise the Easy Script® interpreter will not execute and the module supporting the Python extension will behave normally answering only to AT commands on the serial port.
does that work?
By microera
dpat12 wrote:SER works now . i did this AT#CMUXSCR=0,115200 disable the CMUX and
magically i got the SER output on the RSterm . now i can debug the module .

But i am also interested in statring the CMUX thing on SFE boad as number of people facing problem if CMUX works on SFE board that would be great . i will keep woking on this topic .

if your ar interested please help me .

Thanks ,
can anybody explain how to activate CMUX?
I have sparkfun USB telit EVB and GM862-GPS 7.3.400 and read many readings about CMUX but at this moment I can't do anithing.....
disable SSC debug ... SSCTRACE=0
enable cmux...... CMUXSCR1,115000
only I get this: with TelitSerialPortMUx ..... connecting.....error

How establish CMUX?
By tigre
Hi at#startmodescr and at&y0 don't work.... Reset doesn't work...
I try to type them on start but without success.
I can't stop a script.
I used while command without end... :(
By laurent13france
hello, my saviors

Excuse for my English, i'm french
I would like a script to:
to see my print via hyperterminal or rsterm in python. example see print hello
see that the module operates

configuration script ?

Equipment: Windows XP
gm862 gps / gsm python
Sparkfun serial RS232 EVK V3
Telit python 1.5.2 + package
thank you
By ismell
Any one manage to successfully get CMUX working with the USB Eval board ? I would love actually python debug capabilities, but from what I've read it doesn't look like its going to happen.

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