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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By Robert Mann
I have read about 20 different .pdf's installed a few different things like RSTerm, WinPython, etc. Am I just missing something here?

I have worked on this for a few days now and have finally been able to get SMS and GPRS stuff to work and incoming calls to the module seem to work just fine but no outgoing calls work. ATDAREACODEANDNUMBER and all I can still get is a "NO CARRIER". For the life of me I can not figure out how someone is expected to actually be able to set on of these up to work for their service.

The service I use is Cingular. I have read more then I care to recall and still have not found anything that explains how to set this module up from the start. When I do things like AT+CREG? I get a 0,5 back which means I am roaming when I should not be. I have looked through settings like AT+COPS which needs the OPERATOR information from your service and when you do a AT+COPN it lists all of the operators but Cingular is not in there. So I look on the web and find the operator number for Cingular and it looks like the Country code is 310 and the Network Number is 180 so together that is 310180 and I tried to use that and that apparently is not right either.

Is there something I am just missing? Some .pdf that I have missed that explains the settings you must use to properly setup the GM862? Or did I just plain miss reading the right .pdf files?

I have also registered on the forums for roundsolutions two days ago and am still waiting for Administrator approval to gain access to the forums.

Someone help me and I would be happy to right up a tutorial for others who are having the same issues as I am.

Any help please?
By Robert Mann
After some serious pain and reading I have figured out everything other then outgoing voice calls. Who would have thought it would be so much trouble. Here are the basic commands it took to get mine to work with Cingular here in the US.

AT#BND=3 Cingular works on the 850/1900 band.
AT+COPS=0,2,31018 This was difficult to figure out!
AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","wap.cingular" This sets up the GPRS part.
AT#USERID="" This is the GPRS GENERIC username for Cingular
AT#PASSW="cingular1" This is the GPRS GENERIC password for cingular

With this you should get connected to the network so do the following and see what you get.


Hopefully you get something like.

AT+CREG: 0, 3 This means you are connected to your home network.
AT+CREG: 0, 5 This means you are roaming for some reason check the 31038 as it may not be the operator number in your area. Good luck there is no good source for this information.
AT+CREG: 0. 2 This means you are not connected and are still searching for a network.

So hopefully you got the 0, 3

Next issue the


With any luck it will return an IP address. Mine was something like But anything besides will work :)

With that said you should not be able to send and receive SMS, be able to access the GPRS network for things like web and email.

I can get calls to the module and answer the phone with a ATA but when I try to dial out no matter how or what number or combination of numbers I always get NO CARRIER. So it is probably something I have wrong I am guessing.

Thats it for now that is all I have really been able to figure out. Maybe someone can jump in and add to this or correct any errors I may have introduced.

The only tech support site I could find besides here was the roundsolutions site and they are a reseller of the board and get testy if you ask questions if you bought it from here. Of course for about 200.00 US they will give you some tech support.

Good luck as you will need it at least I could have used more.
By tmcgilvary
when dialling a number, add a semicolon on the end. here is an example

By christian
Thanks Robert for the information on working with Cingular. Saved me tons of time. Just wanted to note that when successful for me, sending the module AT+CREG command answered with +CREG:0,1. According to the Telit Software User Guide that I've been using (1vv0300691, Rev. ISSUE#0 - 27/09/2005), this response indicates that the Mobile is registered on its home network.
By maokh
you just need the semicolon.

Otherwise, you have to do some extensive setup to make it default to voice.

Also, the COPS setting is really not needed. You only need to do that if you want to lock it to cingular. since cingular does have roaming agreements, this may not be the best idea.

Im confused why you cant send and receive SMS while in GPRS mode...maybe i misread that part.

On the GPRS topic though, i am trying to connect via isp.cingular to get a public address, but i have not had any look so far. Has anyone figured this out yet?
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