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By escortwagon
Anyone have an EM-408 running?

Is the default data output NMEA 0183 at 4800?
The data sheet says that the rate is variable and doesn't specify if NMEA or Sirf is default . What I see doesn't look line NMEA at 4800. I haven't tried anything too technical yet, but on the Tx pin all I get is a constant 0.75V, with no gaps (0V) to indicate spaces between messages...
- Think I need to send a Sirf message to change to NMEA?
- Is so, anyonw know what the default data setting are for globalsat's Sirf?

Also, what does everyone do with the Enable pin?
The usglobalsat datasheet just specifies that this in on/off, and the globalsat.tw datasheet shows no connection (NC).

All help is greatly appreciated!!! Until now I've had my project hooked to a garmin, outputing NMEA at 4800 and it works fine. I hooked up the EM408 and am getting nothin'...

By Luisfte
Hi all,

I have just received my module 408 from SFE

I hooked up everything (+3V, ground, TX ) to a cubloc 405 board and get nothing.

what is Pin 1 (enable on/off). Is it normally on?

I get 2.5V from the TX pin, but I can't read anything from it

Is it 4800 baud as the 406?

thank you in advance and best regards