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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By foxxjnm
Can anyone tell me the procedure for updating the GM862-GPS firmware via the GM862 V3 eval board? I have tried upgrading firmware to 7.02.402 but the upgrade program never connects. It says "power on the ms: linking..."

any help would be great!
By geraspark
I boght this board too, today I made several test on this board and
I found a big problem, the pin 5 from DB-9 it is not grounded, so I
grounded this pin and Now I can update with new firmware. I do not why
moderator don't help like in roundsolutions web page.

I hope this can help you
By busonerd
We generally do help when we know the answer.

Thank you very much for pointing out the gnd issue. We've got it changed in the designs now and all future board revs / shipped boards will have that pin tied. We'll be posting an official fix [aka, tie pin 5 to gnd, but we'll have photos and everything] sometime later today.

We're actually rather suprised that the design passed all our testing here with that issue.


--David Carne
By geraspark
I found that voltages in previous board differ from actual board:

previous: LT1528: 3.8 v
V.REG LDO: 2.8v

actual: LT1528: 3.96 v
V.REG LDO: 3.49 v

I don't know if voltage in V.REG LDO is too high, because the voltage from
pins GM862-gps are CMOS (telit recommend 2.8 v)

please let me Know it
By busonerd
Those pins are 3.3V tolerant [the IO pins]. We need the 3.3V reg to get the sipex max3232 clone to have the necessary voltage swing to drive the RS232 port for all computers. The module is also specced up to 4V, which is what we run it at.

I suspect the LDO is running at 3.49 because it has very little load.


--David Carne
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