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By foxxjnm
i just got the gm862-gps eval kit in along with the TC5747 cam + breakout. Everything works great on the module except for the camera commands. this is what i get for all camera commands:

+CME ERROR: operation not supported

anyone else experiencing this? am i doing something wrong?

any response is appreciated!
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By foxxjnm
By muthas
yeah, same here... check out the GM862 product description, pg 67...

#CAMON and #CAMOFF aren't supported on the -GPS module. I think you're supposed to use the #CAMEN command to turn it on/off, but for me that doesn't work.

Did you buy the GM862 w/ a full eval board (rs232 or usb)? I just got the normal breakout board (just SMT to header pins) and wired up the level converter & camera interface myself... when I try to use the #CAMEN=1 command, I just get "+CME Error: Camera Initialization Error"

Let me know if the #CAMEN works for you...
By foxxjnm
I did get it working, and you are correct you must use CAMEN. I am using the V3 of the serial eval board.

Too bad the TC5747 has been discontinued, it worked well.
By siliconwee
HI, I connect a CMOS camera to GM862 as well, then using AT#CAMON AND AT#TPHOTO, all response ERROR. But ,




But, when i type AT#TPHOTO, the response as below


So, who hv face this same problem?? foxxjnm and muthas , what do u think abt my problems? any suggestion??

By maokh
Have you guys tried to turn off the GPS first? Its on by default and you cannot have both turned on at once.
By siliconwee
hi, ya i hv disconnected the GPRS , but i stil cant turn on the CMOS camera. Actually i hv refer to the Telit website, cos my GM862 is bought from there. What i discover is all telit module , the supported camera is Agilent ADCM2650 or the Transchip TC5747. i think if i want to connect the CMOS camera to the module, hv to do a controller external circuit.