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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE

Eventually I managed to get messages from my Lassen IQ.
The problem is that it keeps sending me this : "$GPVTG,,,,,,,,,N*30", even after half an hour.

I'm only using RX/TX B, which are both linked directly to my PIC18F.
As said in the datasheet, I linked RX/TX A to VCC (3.3) throught a 1kOhm resistor.

I use a standard antenna, that one: "Antenna GPS Ultra-Compact Embedded HFL for Lassen IQ (SKU#: ANT-EMB-HFL)"
I guess it's correctly plugged in :(
What's wrong? :S

That's the deal : I only receive two satelittes signal, and I'm outside... The antenna is correctly plugged-in, both RX pins are connected to VCC via 100K resistor

I don't understand what's wrong, can you help?