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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By carterson2
My Em401 seemed to quit sending.

Pin6(vcc) has 5v,
Pin5(tx) has nothing (just sits at +3v, dead)
Pin4(rx) on scope shows good RS232 signal coming in when I type using teraterm.
Pin3(/reset) I connected this to gnd momentarily to try resetting it, but didnt help.
Pin2(gnd) hasn't changed
Pin1(gnd) hasn't changed.

The EM401 is connected to a Eval-EM406-RS232 which I wired to work. It has worked great for 2 months in my car. Then it just stopped sending...

No matter what I do, I never see anything come out. Even connecting pin3 to gnd, didnt cause any garbage to show up on teraterm (hyperterm). At 4800, I sent it $PSRF100,1,9600,8,1,0*0C to change speed to 9600, but that didnt do anything.

Q: Can I perhaps unhook the battery somehow and get it to hard-reset somehow???

Thanks for any leads,
jim pruett
By carterson2
I called usglobalsat and they think their chipset died. They also say the warrantee is thru sparkfun which is better than if I had for example bought it off ebay in which case they said I would be SOL.

BTW, I connected pin 5,6 together to do a loopback which worked.
That eliminated the max chip.

Have fun.
By carterson2
oops, I meant pins4,5.