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I got this board hooked up to a lcd and BlackBoard using Qwiic and ublox / ucenter software on my Mac - via parallels running Windows 10.

However I am puzzeled. People talk about using pairs. A base and a rover. Ok. But - I use a single receiver to define the absolute position of a dronereference plate A on the ground. Then take the system to the next calibration point B, take its position, go to point C and so on.

Later, when starting to proces the data at home, I use the plates positions info.
1. Is it correct to assume that the positioning of a single plate is within 2.5 cm?
2. Or do I need a communication channel with ... with what? For receiving correction signals?
3. I am standing in the middle of nowhere ... only having a GPS signal. See question 1.

1. No, you either already know by surveying exactly where you are, in which case the board can produce corrections signals for another board or,
2. Yes, you need a nearby correction service, for which you pay.

Sparkfun has plenty of tutorials, so spend some time with them. Start here:

which discusses a third possibility:
1 cm accuracy is possible with lower cost receivers (such as the NEO-M8T) by capturing raw streams from the GPS satellites and then post processing the logs with an open source program called RTKLIB. This is handy for applications like aerial photography and agricultural inspection were alignment is important after the fact. It’s also possible to tether a lower cost receiver (such as the NEO-M8T) to a laptop and run RTKLIB in unison and achieve real time solutions but this is a rather large, power hungry setup that is not ideal for embedded mobile applications. In these tutorials we will be focusing on real time (RTK) capable receivers.
I use a computer with RTKLIB to correct the data. So, when I run this on a laptop and go outside, this still should do the job. For every calibration point I need a few minutes to let the output stabilize.
As I understand correctly, getting everything embedded is not possible ...?