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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
Hi.. I have a GM862/GPs with the SFE RS232 eboard. The problem I'm having is the I can not make a succesful network registration. I have tried two differnet SIM's both T-Mobile. I have also tried two differ, antenna's but no success. I feel I have set the correct band for US. The command I have entered is:

#BND: 1
Also they have a new command that I have tried:

So far my network status always comes up:

+CREG: 0,3
which means registration denied--(the 3 should be a 1 or 5).

when I do the AT#MONI command I get:
#MONI: T-Mobile BSIC:14 RxQual:0 LAC:2AFB Id:376F ARFCN:655 PWR:-71dbm TA:0

Anybody have any experience with is.. the question is what would I be denied for.. since both SIM's work in a cell phone. Any help where to look would be great.
By phobo

I have the same problem...

Did you solve your problem finally ?

By ricky891
This problem took me many days to solve...

I was able to register just fine on my networks (+CREG 0,1) and just the other day it started giving me (+CREG 0,3). I called my network thinking that they blocked my module, and found out they do not block.

I tried resetting my module to factory settings with AT&F, AT&F0, AT&F1, but had no success.

I finally solved it by upgrading to the latest beta firmware 07.02.402, and then moving back to latest release 07.02.401. I didn't stay with the beta version because it caused my module to reset after being powered on for a few minutes.

The firmwares came from
By prancius
SFE RS232 eboard, how this board looks?
By prancius
I am starting with GM862-GPS.
Can you recomend what board to use. I need to have a debuging option in development process.
What boads ae using?
Thank you
By prancius
I may replly :)

For GM862-GPS S2 board very good.

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