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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By playtime
I had an ideal of building a HUD Heads up display like in the Halo games which would have a lot of real life applications. I found that a bunch of other people are building off grid trackers which is a start. The goTele and Sonnet seem to have the best designs but the goTele has a built in GPS and live tracking so it is most like a real time Halo game tacker. I order the goTele to try it out, shipping November 2017.

My first question is they built these devices with Arduino parts so I'd like to see a project to make one at home.

I'd like to see a product that has live tracking but doesn't rely on linking with a cell phone for the display; using an oled or lcd you could display data on movement of the other devices. You could also have audio and no display, like "unit 2 is NW of your location".

I think it would be really fun.