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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By Xnke
Bought a few of these on sale from Sparkfun. Mine are marked "S1315F 0811A28", but all I can find is information and projects for "S1315F-RAW" modules. Are these the same module?

I am attempting to build a GPS-Disciplined frequency and time standard for my ham shack, and so need the 1PPS output, and a 5 or 10Mhz disciplined output. General idea is to use an temperature-controlled crystal oscillator (easy to build, or relatively inexpensive to buy) and count the frequency of operation with the arduino/atmega (probably will skip the arduino bit and just use an ATmega running the arduino bootloader) and compare it to an internal timer that will get gated via the 1pps output.

I have read that some of these Skytraq units have a 10Khz or programmable frequency output-if this is the case it could change the way I do things and potentially be much easier and less demanding on the Atmega to do the job.

Anyone got any real data on these modules, as far as the programming and outputs?