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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By michaeldadashov
i am using em-506 module for my 8051 project but for some reason the microcontroller is unable to receive any data from the gps.
the led is blinking so the gps is able to receive signal and when i measure the volatage of p3.0(rx pin of 8051) it ranges between 1.5v to 3.2v approximately so does it mean that it sends data?
do i need to do something after i conncet it to the microcontroller in order to get data?
By michaeldadashov
it still doesn't work but i suspect that the problem is realted to the voltage levels of the gps and the microcontroller, so if the output is 1.7-3.2v, which voltage levels are considered to be 'low' and 'high' if the datasheets says that it output 3.3v ttl(more specifically, o.4v max 'low' and 3.3 typical 'high', and as i said there many voltages in between that i dont know what their logic level)