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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By gauravmaheshwari.ts
I visited many portal and see tracker product but they can help only to find location with GPS and sound and if you have configure to reminder to device(not to left)

I need to know that where is my product in which location in rack and define place. to achieve thought. I need some answer to build and item locator.

1. Is many small chip set require to fit on each box or one smart chip will enough to handle.

2. How do we mark location in rack.

3.How can take keep read the weight for box.
By Valen
The language barrier is too steep to understand what you are saying. I understand that you want to locate an object in a rack. And GPS does not suffice. But the rest is incomprehensible. I suggest you ask on websites closer to your native language.
By gauravmaheshwari.ts
Thanks for reply.

I want to create a project. I am from computer professional. I do not have any background of electric or IOT. I need your help to create a project or prototype for my learning purpose. i will be more confident in IOT.

I want to develop the recording information system for items when the item is picked from particular location then minus the item and when i put back the item then plus the item.

it should applicable of of any item holder and container.

as per my understanding, i need recording device that can understand how many item are available on surface like sensor, infra red hardware.

please suggest me hardware in that case and follow.
By jremington
it should applicable of of any item holder and container.
So, this device might keep track of grains of sand in a tube, shoes in a international shipping container, and large industrial machines in a warehouse.

Try to narrow it down to something reasonable and give a specific example.
By jremington
Bar code labels, bar code wand, computer and suitable data base software.
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