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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By deschrijvere
I purchased several GP635 modules for educational HAB (high altitude balloon) projects, as they were rated for <50000m applications.
However <50000m seems to have been "misleading information" to put it very, very diplomatically, as the module just freezes at 12099,0996meters, which is below 40000feet! Technically, that is <50000m, but it's also <4 lightyears, so why not advertise it that way?

Besides feeling cheated, a lot of students that worked hard on their science projects, now cannot draw adequate conclusions by lack of altitude data.

So, what's the solution here (besides getting even, which is a goal my upbringing discourages me from pursuing)? Are there gps modules that are KNOWN to work up to 150 000feet or 40km? I'm not in the US, but in an allied country, I'm not hostile to the US, have no sympathy for causes running contrary to US interests (if any oif that matters), and the modules are intended for STEM project ONLY.

Eager for news,

By deschrijvere
That sounds great.... except datasheet of the GP635T said the same thing :-( I would therefore much prefer to use a unit that someone has flown and knows from experience will work...