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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By seulater
I think it great that they are making these GPS units smaller and smaller.
I am no antenna guru by any means. SFE does not seem to offer much in the "Related Items" on the page for this "12 Channel Copernicus GPS Receiver" part# GPS-Copernicus.

I don't want to use the large Magnetic Mount SMA - VTorch antenna with this device, i want something small but not so small as to sacrifice too much signal strength.

My question is this : what other antennas can i use that are small but will receive a good signal.

By missmoun

I know this might be a bit old but... did you ever get a chance to make this work?
I am also trying to get the HFL small patch antenna to work with the Copernicus.
I'm also having trouble finding a connector for this antenna, did you manage this as well?

Many thanks,

By seulater
i did not place any more time on it. I went with another GPS module instead. sorry.