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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By jman8
Hi all,

I'll start off by saying I know NOTHING about location transmitters!!! That is why I'm here. I'm sure any question I could think of has been answered here before but I don't really know the right words/terms to search for (I have tried, I promise) to find the answers to my questions. I want to say thank you in advance and I appreciate any help!

My question/problem. I am trying to build something that would require a very small location transmitter (less than 7mm in diameter or a square shape that will fit into 7.4 mm diameter opening, length is not likely to be an issue.) I don't need a top shelf device just something that will wirelessly transmit its location possibly up to a mile once every minute or two and 30' feet or so is fine for accuracy. First of all does anything exist that is that small. I have been looking at micro gps transmitters one of which is the AMY-5M I saw referenced in a post on here but I don't understand if the transmitter that I'm looking at requires additional parts or if they work all by them selves. is there something besides gps that works as well/better and more easily fit the dimensions.

I'm sure I have 2,000 more questions but so far that is a much of a question as I can form based on what I know about this stuff.
By jman8
I didn't intend for it to be a double post. I made this post and after a couple hours it never showed up so I resorted to "hi-jacking" a thread with a title fitting my problem that had its most recent reply made in 2012 in an effort to get my question asked. This is why I avoid forums. I'll move along and look for assistance somewhere else. Sorry for ruining lives with my hijacking and double posting.
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