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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By Walter Clark
I'm delighted to report that going from u-blox-GPS to XBee-on-an-Explorer with just three wires...
And then from XBee-on-a-FTDI-USB-Explorer, I was able to record flight paths of my R/C planes.

I was also able to go from u-blox-GPS to FTDI-Basic-USB to record paths directly to a laptop.

The software in both cases was merely a terminal emulator which created a file which by way of GPSvisualizer website I was able to put into Google Earth

The Question:
Does that mean that u-blox output is an FTDI standard?
Is FTDI a bus protocol?

By alexandrehdk
No, FTDI is just a serial-to-usb converter. It creates a virtual COM port to be used on your terminal emulator. The output of your U-blox module is serial.
Let's illustrate both the situations:
1) GPS + two xbee + FTDI:
GPS <-serial-> xbee <-rf-> xbee <-serial-> ftdi <-usb-> laptop
2) GPS + FTDI:
GPS <-serial-> FTDI <-usb-> laptop
In your second case, you just eliminated the serial-rf-serial part.