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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By fgnievinski
I'd like to build the simplest GPS NMEA logger (I'm interested in GPGSV satellite information record).

The internal on-chip logging capability of GPS-10920 (SparkFun Venus GPS Logger - SMA Connector) only records the receiver information (position, etc.), no detailed satellite information. So I can use the simpler GPS-11058 (SparkFun Venus GPS with SMA Connector) instead. Another option of GPS module with pins broken out is GPS-10922 (Copernicus II DIP). Other stand-alone modules listed in the GPS Buying Guide seem more complicated. I also prefer external GPS antennas.

The Venus supports external logging using a SPI flash memory chip, but I couldn't find any such part for purchase.

It seems the easiest thing to do is to connect the GPS to a DEV-09530 (OpenLog).
The GPS Tracking Comparisons has a clear diagram:

So other than the battery and antenna (& cable adapter), do I need to purchase anything else?

Is an Arduino ever mandatory for GPS NMEA logging?
Is it correct to say KIT-13199 (GPS Shield Kit) is only indicated if I wanted to manipulate the GPS data, rather than just logging it?

Thanks for any tips.
By fgnievinski
Oh well, I just found your product GPS-08823 (GeoChron Blue - Field-hardened GPS Logger with Bluetooth):
Too bad it's retired. It seems hard to find such an NMEA logger these days.
Most COTS GPS units would allow you to log only waypoint positions,
but I need more detailed satellite info (azimuth, elevation angle, SNR),
as provided in NMEA GSV messages. Other COTS options will output NMEA
via a serial port, so maybe I can pair them up with the SparkFun Logomatic.
Let me know if you're aware of a replacement for the GeoChron product.