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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By stuckinthehereandnow
I'm trying to make the GPS device I've made from Arduino work. This device is made from an Arduino Uno, SparkFun's MG2369 Cellular Shield, the Taoglas passive GPS antenna (from here: ... 25E070054A), SparkFun's Quad-band cellular duck antenna, a SMA-U.FL converter, and a T-Mobile standard-size SIM card on the North America 3 GB 30-day On-Demand pass.

My device will not send texts, read coords, or even tell me the SIM's phone number. I know now that my SIM card doesn't work in this device. However, it's going to be a lot of trouble finding another SIM that will actually work, especially now that the SIM I wanted to order from SparkFun is on indefinite backorder (seriously I really hope they don't retire that card!). Do any of you know any (tried-and-true) ways to get SIM cards that will work in my shield? Or ways to get the card I have to work in it?
By stuckinthehereandnow
So I got that card, activated it, and put it in, but it's still not responding to any of the examples. I'm not sure how to go about this...I contacted the SparkFun tech support chat service, and they said some of them just didn't work and they didn't know why. I'm not sure what to do now and I need help again :(
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By darrellg
If you've followed the hookup guide exactly, and you are sure of the soldering skills on the headers, then it should respond. If it's not, then you may have a bad board. If the board is not working, then an exchange may be needed.

Also, don't PM me the same question you posted in the forum. I get notifications when you respond in the forum. Sending a PM because I didn't answer within 24 hours just pisses me off. I don't get paid to help you, and I have a life.
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